Are you feeling frustratingly stuck within your own limits?

I’ve felt this way, too.

And what I have found is that there are three simple steps towards feeling alive, to feeling amazing in your body, and feeling good with those you are in a relationship with. (more on that later…)

Reading any further may alter your life for the better...

Put your hand on your heart.

I’d like you to close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath.

Take another one.

With your eyes closed ask yourself these questions:

What would you like to be doing (being/having) right now in your life?

What about it do you LOVE?

What about it feels FUN?

What about it makes you feel ALIVE?

With your eyes still closed, take a moment to feel what that feels like. Where do you feel it in your body? Can you describe it? Is it tingly, is it in your chest? Does it radiate out of you? Only you know your experience and there is no right or wrong.

Journal on your feelings, thoughts, sensations.

Are you ready to create a life of passion?

If so, grab a spot on my calendar today to find out how.

Are you looking to make a real change?

Are you ready to never settle again in a relationship and take control of your own happiness?

I went from waking up every day full of anxiety and dread, looking at my partner, and wondering what the hell am I here for? Only being able to do the bare minimum to get the day done so I can go home or go to bed hide and numb out on t.v. and crap food just to make me feel somewhat good and in control.

Let me teach you how to wake up and learn how to breathe, focus and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

I hired coaches and spiritual mentors and worked hard every day to change my mindset and habits.

This was not an easy task.

BUT sure worth it

Now I speak in the past but this is my daily life now.

The only difference being I am the coach.

I get to guide you back to health and to fully live life.

I meditate daily, eat nourishing food, and have healthy relationships.

This hasn't been easy but it has certainly been worth it. I would never go back to the way I was NOT living rather slowly dying as each minute passed.

My chosen path now has taught me how to be honest with myself and others, how to have discipline and to be genuinely happy.

My passion is to guide you to your true inner peace, where when the shit hits the fan you are not moved into crisis, rather you take a deep breath and navigate through with grace and style and learn more depth about yourself and others.

This is my passion because I stand in the truth of how this way of life has truly transformed my being.

I wake up every morning and choose to show up for myself; in turn being able to show up for my boys, family, and friends.

I CHOOSE everyday and several times a day to never be in the ocean swimming with one arm again.

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    Over 20 years supporting busy & stressed execs

    I know how to help you find the time to work on yourself while you’re busy building your own empire, likely with a family in tow.

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    I lived through 2 roommate marriages and found my own strength and courage to leave to be happy and truly take initiative for my own happiness.

    I have cultivated a successful uncoupling and my ex and I co-parent like rockstars and everyone is much happier as a result.

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    Over 200 Clients Around the World

    I began coaching in 2015 and have been blessed to have coached hundreds of women (and a few men too!) from around the world. I’ve spoken on stages across North America, and have been featured on many podcasts and radio shows helping you become the best version of yourself. You can also find my podcast The Dirt & The Divine where I interview other people on the spiritual path towards more joy and happiness and living their truth and their dreams.

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    Results Orientated Approach

    My only intention for us working together is for you to discover and find your best self & relationships and create a plan to live it. At the beginning of this page I mentioned that there are 3 steps to get there…

    1 - claim what it is you want
    2 - clear the blocks in the way
    3 - receive it all with grace and ease

    These steps seem simple, but as you already know there are sneaky saboteurs and blindspots in there creating the opposite of what you actually want...and that is what we will bust through together.

    Your life WILL be happier, more fulfilled, peaceful, sexier and free. Guaranteed.


What if you don't heed the call...?

Let's Shift Gears and Get Real for a Moment

Close your eyes again and ask these questions:

Why are you not pursuing your dreams?

What does it feel like to you to go the rest of your life not living out loud?

What does not having your heart ignited feel like, where do you feel it in your body?

With your eyes still closed, can you describe it to me? What does lack feel like? What do limits feel like? What are the thoughts that accompany the feelings?

I can’t, I shouldn’t. I’m bored. I am a failure. I doubt I could do this. What if...?

We are all afraid to fail, to drown, to be wrong. Every human who has walked this earth has had to face some level of their fears to grow and I’m sure you’re one of them. So you’ve already done the hard work of facing your fears and going through anyway.

But usually what happens is something outside of us forces this change, this facing of our fears and once the threat has passed and we’re back on our feet we get complacent again, we settle back into the status quo and put our really big dreams on a shelf labelled “one day”.

But here’s the thing - that one day never comes, unless we chose to voluntarily walk into our destiny - and very few people do this.

Even with all the tools and expansion I have done, I still needed to have the Universe kick my ass from time to time to get moving in the right direction. It’s not easy, it’s scary and full of uncertainty and our control selves hate that.

But the result is the feeling of pure bliss, confidence, freedom. To live your best life even if everything is falling apart around you. To feel secure rather than doubting yourself. To be able to breathe. To truly feel ALIVE.

This life is not for struggle - that’s a lie we’ve been told.

This life is actually trying so hard to give us what we desire, there’s just a way about getting it that is not what you think.

But these are all words. They mean nothing unless you actually get to experience them.

Are you ready for a new experience?

If so, grab a spot on my calendar today to find out how.


Official Bio

Mind UnFucker & Worthiness Coach - just some of the names given to Krisha Young by her peers and clients. She teaches women how to have healthy relationships, starting with themselves. Her specialty is Pattern Release Coaching for high-performing women healing from self-betrayal.

Krisha knows what happens when we betray ourselves and has devoted her life to help women break free from the disease to please and live as the Star of their own Life. Her motto is Happy, Healthy Woman; Happy, Sexy Love because when we fall in love with ourselves, our lives become juicy, sexy and blissfully fulfilling. Her strategy involves a unique 3 step process that guides people into the ultimate divine arena of self-belonging and acceptance.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, coach, serial podcaster, published author and mom of two boys, Krisha speaks a unique language of transformation developed through years of deep study and synthesizing modalities including Human Design, Holistic Nutrition, Somatic Practices, Tantra and Kundalini.

Krisha does not play small, and she will share with you what YOUR unique gifts are and how you can best use and develop them to have the relationship and life of your dreams.

You can find Krisha and her work here:
Krisha's Podcasts
IG - @thekrishayoung

I describe Krisha as my Divine-Feminine-Sex-Energy-Goddess-Coach. Krisha lived up to the title and so much more. I felt I needed some help with my final “test” of really stepping forward to show up in the world as me in every way. Turns out Krisha helped me sit in the dirt, shatter patterns, and then implement solutions. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

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