I’m excited to walk you through what I found that has worked for myself and hundreds of other women.

Through my 1-on-1 Coaching programs including Love Yourself First, Business Without Burnout or Roommate Marriage® Recovery, or my Group program Feminine Rising, Books and Digital Courses, I’m here to shake up your approach to living your life using what I call Goddess Currency® all while making it all feel so easy!

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Business Without Burnout

In an always-ON world, many will face burnout at least once in their careers, which in turn affects our family life, health, social life and much much more! Want to scale your business and make an impact?

Rejection Proof Sales

If you want to decrease objections, increase conversions, fine-tune your sales process, maximize your revenue and ROI, then we've got powerful business sales strategies for professionals and coaches. Let’s Rejection-Proof your sales!

Roommate Marriage® Recovery

Are you married (or in a committed relationship) but you feel like you are more like roommates? Don’t let another five, or ten years pass you by feeling like something is missing and settling for the bare minimum. Learn exactly how to call in what you truly want and allow yourself to receive the love you deserve.

Love Yourself First

If you're ready to cut the crap when it comes to attracting the wrong types of relationships into your life and you know that you need to work on yourself first, then explore working with Krisha 1-on-1.

Here's what some of my community think about me...

This woman is powerful. If you would like to have real DEPTHCARGED change in your life, Krisha is your gal. She does not play on the surface - this isn't regular coaching, this is transformational life changing coaching where she will show up for you in a way you've never experienced before, and you will show up for yourself in a way you never have before.

Shauna A.

She is an unstoppable force that every woman needs to be around because you have no idea who you can be and this is the woman who can help you to get there, I would recommend anyone if you're feeling stuck, she is the person for you.

Tanya P.